Tempus fugit


I’m really not sure where the time goes. As I looked through my blog posts I realised that the last one dates back to August. To anybody sufficiently interested in my activities to have made a repeat visit during that period, I can only apologise for neglecting my site so comprehensively!

As I have complained elsewhere, I have a rather all-consuming job. In August I took two weeks holiday and did no work at all – I didn’t look at my work e-mail once. This was quite a wrench but it made me realise how run-down I’ve become. Work has taken me over and eaten me up. After two weeks I was rested and refreshed, and feeling human again…only to be plunged headlong into the maelstrom of work respoinsibilities again. Even by my usual standards the last few months have been hard – but hardest of all on my wife, who has to tolerate an exhausted and stressed partner.

This photo was taken on a late-October trip to Brighton, a city I’d barely visited previously. This proved to be a much-needed and restorative excursion! I had a wonderful weekend, with two dinners out in great company, dancing, shopping and a drink or two. Actually, these days, a drink or two is an increasingly accurate picture of my consumption. Aside from the growing awareness of the harm caused by alcohol, in my advancing years the biggest problem is that alcohol makes me sleepy – and thus poor company. At 2 am after an evening of soft drinks I’m still on the dancefloor and remaining upright is not a challenge!


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