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Karen Smith

Just a girl next door...I was born male, but from my earliest years a part of me deep down always wanted desperately to be a girl. She has grown up with me, and needs to escape, breathe the air and walk the green hills of Yorkshire from time to time. Although she's concealed by clouds for most of the time, the girl within is tied up with all that people think is best in me. These pages give her a little space to articulate how she feels.

One thought on “Karen’s blog”

  1. Hi Karen,

    I have only just noticed your website.
    I haven’t had a good read yet but I will.

    I know we tried , I tried to meet up with you before. I haven’t given up and will try again when this horrible COVID situation allows. I am in France so a curfew approach here, although all the nice places to visit are still shut, so supermarkets is it, and no lovely tea rooms or cafes to visit, takeaway only.

    I recall it’s not that easy for you either to get Karen time, so I feel for you and know exactly how it feels.

    Anyway it’s lovely to see your photos again and as always a style that I aspire to.
    Take care
    Sarah xxx


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