International Women’s Day

Friday was International Women’s Day – an occasion to reflect on the obstacles that prevent women from achieving equality of opportunity and influence with men. As a transwoman, I don’t believe International Women’s Day is for me, because I haven’t routinely experienced the kinds of challenges throughout my life that are so familiar to women. These include paternalistic societal norms, the limitations placed on women’s advancement by the unequal sharing of child rearing with men, and around the world, the problems many millions of women still have due to the lack of safe toilets and the widespread stigmatisation of menstruation.

Transwomen have their own battles to fight. But International Women’s Day is for women. Let’s pay women the respect of recognising the challenges that so many of them still face today, and supporting them in their struggle for equality.

Published by

Karen Smith

Just a girl next door...I was born male, but from my earliest years a part of me deep down always wanted desperately to be a girl. She has grown up with me, and needs to escape, breathe the air and walk the green hills of Yorkshire from time to time. Although she's concealed by clouds for most of the time, the girl within is tied up with all that people think is best in me. These pages give her a little space to articulate how she feels.

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