The Deeply Dishonorable Japanese Government

Kim Bok-dong was one of the South Korean “comfort women” taken as sex slaves and repeatedly raped and sexually abused (despite being only 14) by the Japanese Army. This brave and determined woman has died, sadly, at the age of 92 after many years of campaigning for the Japanese Government to apologise for the serial rape and paedophilia practised by its army. The Japanese have a really messed up notion of honour, which prevents them from ever apologising. So messed up is this notion that the Japanese Goverment is unable to apologise for the systematic rape and sexual abuse practised by its soldiers – rape and sexual abuse not only sanctioned by the Japanese Government but orchestrated by it. Shame on them. When your concept of honour leaves you incapable of recognising and apologising for evil, it has become a deeply dishonorable thing.


Published by

Karen Smith

Just a girl next door...I was born male, but from my earliest years a part of me deep down always wanted desperately to be a girl. She has grown up with me, and needs to escape, breathe the air and walk the green hills of Yorkshire from time to time. Although she's concealed by clouds for most of the time, the girl within is tied up with all that people think is best in me. These pages give her a little space to articulate how she feels.

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